What makes a great outdoor living space?

Here are some tips for finding a home with a great outdoor living space and for making your existing outdoor space amazing!


  1. Play around with lighting to set the scene for evening hang-outs. Use solar lights to create a pathway to a focal point in your yard. That focal point could be a beautiful porch swing under a tree with strings of white lights. It could be a beautiful English garden with lanterns or Edison bulb strings. Solar lights are a really affordable way to add flare to your pathway, and they often come in at less that 5 bucks a piece. Here are some examples of beautiful outdoor lighting:
  2. Invest in seating. Patio furniture comes in all shapes, sizes, and qualities. Aim for solid, well built furniture that is actually comfortable. You’re unlikely to sit on bare metal wire patio chairs. Look for something with beautiful cushions that you will actually want to spend time on. When purchasing cushions, be sure to get ones that are meant for outdoor use and follow instructions for cleaning so they last a long time.
  3. Think about activities. What do you want to do outside when you have company over? A fire pit can be a great activity for a group of friends, whether you’re making s’mores or just having a glass of rosé and great conversation. A gas firepit makes it easy to start a fire any time and keeps you from smelling like smoke. Some can be hooked up to your standard grill propane tank, while others have to be run to your natural gas line from your home.